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           Nancy Lavergne, HTCP

Healing Touch is a gentle therapy that can significantly impact your life.

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Nancy introduced me to Essential Oil and how to use it in my everyday life. I was amazed last winter that I walked through the entire season without getting the flu or a cold while it passed through my office and my family. Thanks to Nancy and "Thieves Essential Oil" I did not have one sick day.

- Roberta L.

"Being diagnosed with a non-malignant lymphoma attached to my aorta behind the pancreas causing me a lot of pain on my left side and down my inner thigh. All the doctors can do at this time is to keep a close eye on its progress and pain management with medication'. Passing through Cincinnati I had the opportunity to receive Healing Touch from Nancy. The first session gave me a sense of relaxation that I have never felt before and I could feel what seemed to be small electric impulses in my extremities (mostly fingers) which only lasted a few seconds and the heavy oppressive feeling in my upper torso lifted followed by a sensation of well being and lightness. That particular night I slept soundly pain free for the first time in 2 months.

The next day Nancy did another session using other techniques and used essential oils and the overall sensations that were felt were very powerful physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Nancy also showed me some self-care techniques which I have been using since.

Although I still need to be followed by my doctors my pain level has diminished greatly and I am grateful  for Nancy's help.

- Sally B.


Nancy Lavergne, HTCP

 Nancy brings Pure Presence and, is a Heart-Centered Practitioner  devoted to bringing balance and harmony to her client's.

Nancy offers a
Compassionate, Safe and Peaceful Environment to promote trust.

Heart-Centered sharing to
Empower Clients to take care of themselves and their families, teaching them how to feel energy, self care techniques and use of therapeutic grade essential oils, so that they can live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Nancy is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Raindrop Treatment Specialist. Nancy has studied Advanced Energy techniques in Anatomy for Healers, Advanced Healing Touch techniques and, Aromatherapy with ISHA.

Nancy is actively involved in the Healing Touch community. Nancy is the President for Healing Touch Worldwide  Foundation which funds Healing Touch research, service and education initiatives that advance the excellence and philosophy of Healing Touch.

Nancy feels the marriage of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils along with Healing Touchprovides the optimal results for her clients.

I had been suffering from tennis elbow for several months. Nancy was giving me contact info for a CranioSacral Therapist who helped her with the same problem. Nancy also offered to do a quick balancing of my arm. In a very caring and firm way Nancy did Healing Touch on my arm for about 10 minutes. I saw Nancy a few weeks later and let he know that I never had to go for another therapy. The pain I had had for 6 weeks slowly went away within a few days. 

- Jeannie L.

I cannot begin to find the words to describe the power of the Healing Touch that Nancy has done on me since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my liver, lungs and spine March 2012. At the time of my diagnosis there was a large mass in my liver, many lesions on my spine and small lesions in my lungs. Nancy targeted my liver during the healing sessions I received, I often felt heaviness being pulled out of the liver and I always felt so much better after a Healing Touch session. In early December 2012, a PetScan revealed that the large mass in my liver had dissolved. There are new smaller lesions, but my oncologist feels these are parts of the large mass and that they are in the process of dissolving also. 

- Beth P.

I had a mild headache, knot in the pit of my stomach and was emotional upset for several days due to the hospitalization of both my father and brother. After one session with Nancy, my appetite returned and I immediately ate without any sickness, I felt physically and emotionally better. With clear focus restored, I was able to lend support and help make better decisions concerning the health of my family. I appreciate Nancy's skill, intuition, and compassion and look forward to future sessions with her. 

- Laura W.

I had been in a very serious car accident, hospitalized for several weeks and off work a total of 8 months. I happened to see Nancy and explained what happened. She offered to show me a technique that I could do on myself to increase healing of my wounds. Nancy demonstrated on a small 2" scar I have above my elbow, the scar was raised and still dark pink in color. Nancy worked on the scar for 4-5 minutes and I visually saw the scar change, the raised skin flattened and the redness decreased!

- Jason C..

I have had treatment and benefits of Nancy's energy work on several occasions. My multiple sclerosis symptoms of heavy limbs have disappeared after a session with Nancy . She is very professional and did the necessary research to identify what MS sufferers require.  I only wish I lived closer to benefit more frequently. Her distance healing treatments are also beneficial to me. Nancy has been treating me since 2007 and I look forward to many more treatments as her energy work far surpasses conventional medicines for MS. Until there is a cure for MS, I rely on my Angel, Nancy.

- Lee Ann L.